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From "Riley,R" <>
Subject New class definition not being picked up
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 14:53:11 GMT

I'm new to tomcat, so sorry if this is an obvious one - I've searched the

Using tomcat 3.1 on redhat linux with jdk1.3.

All of my java classes are in .jar files in a separate 'jars' directory.
Each of the jar files is listed in the class path.

Everything worked fine until I replaced one of the class files in one of the
jars.  If the browser page source is to be believed then the new class
definition is not being picked up by tomcat.  Somehow tomcat continues to
use the prevous class after running and

I've de-compiled the class in the jar file to ensure that it is the correct
(new) one.  If I remove the .jar file then tomcat can't find the classes in
that jar, and throws an error, but when I replace the jar file, with one
including the new class,  then then the original class continues to be

I've ensured that the browser isn't using a cached copy of an old page.

I'd be really pleased to hear from anyone who has any ideas about this.

Many thanks

Ron Riley

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