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From "Alexander, Ben" <>
Subject too many open files error
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 14:04:57 GMT
Hello Tomcat users/developers;

We've been using Tomcat as our development server for a few months, but now
that our
project is really getting off the ground I find that I get the following
error message after
I use the server for 10 minutes or so:

------------------------------------------------ Too many open files
        at Method)
Compiled Code)
        at, Compiled
        at, Compiled
ava:267, Compiled Code)
org.apache.tomcat.service.SimpleTcpEndpoint.acceptConnections(SimpleTcpEndpo, Compiled Code)
Compiled Code)
        at, Compiled Code)
Endpoint ServerSocket[addr=,port=0,localport=8090] shutdown
due to exception: Too many open files

Now, as far as I can tell I'm not opening any files at all, other than a log
file I maintain.  So I guess
my question has two parts:
1)  Assuming I'm all wet, and I'm actually opening files all over the place
and leaving them open, is
there any way that I can check to see what files are open?
2)  If I'm not doing something extra dumb, has anybody else seen this
problem come up before?  It
seems to arise when the program is delivering a gif to build a page, but
presume that it's safe to guess
that getting a gif is not a problem in general.  

I'm doing Servlet programming on Tomcat 3.1, under IRIX 6.5.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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