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From "Hanusch, Hartwig" <>
Subject Still : Error in HttpSessionFacade - still nobodys really interes ted in
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 08:56:42 GMT
		Hi there,

		does anybody know why a servlet works fine with tomcat only
(port 8080) 
		but when using apache/tomcat via jk_mod (or old jserv) the
servlet throws 
		an error like that: 

		        at org.apache.tomcat.facade. 

		the calling code looks that way: 

		session is hash of sessions 

		for (Iterator i = sessions.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) 
		        HttpSession theHttpSession = (HttpSession);

		        String sid = theHttpSession.getId();
<---- problem, 
		calling HttpSessionFacade .... 
		        if (loginObj.hasContentSessionRelatedBlaSession(sid)
!= true) 

		Could that be a configuration error? Doesnt seems like?! Any
		When looking at the HttpSession the stored session in memory
seem to mix up! 
		I am, as far as i know not the only person who has that kind
of problem.

		Happy to here from anybody 
		Cheers Hartwig

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