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From Dennis Drugan <>
Subject TOMCAT and COM
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 22:40:19 GMT
I am trying to invoke a COM object from Tomcat (running under jview, with
the COM wrappers provided by J++)?  I get a stacktrace as seen below, even
with Tomcat 3.2.1.  I have been temporarily able to get around the problem
by switching the threading model for the COM object from "Both" to
"Apartment" (or "Free", or "Neutral"), but this "solution" will ultimately
cause problems.  I have also gotten it to work if I invoke the COM object in
the HttpServlet.service() methods before my servlet's doGet() or doPost()
methods are invoked.  However, if I override the service() method in my
servlet and invoke the COM object, it fails!  Any ideas?

Please mail any comments to

-Dennis Drugan

Here is the error:

Error: 500
Location: /CustomerProfiler/servlet/SlangHarness
Internal Servlet Error: Failed creation of stxreg/RegistryInfo because
CoCreateInstance of CLSID {0A32D87D-CE51-4E15-9B5C-86FAFBBD189F} failed: Not
enough storage is available to complete this operation.  
	at com/softrax/slang/ParseData.readStxSymbolTable
	at com/softrax/slang/MakeDalRequest. (
	at java/lang/ClassLoader.findSystemClass (
	at org/apache/tomcat/loader/AdaptiveClassLoader.loadSystemClass
	at org/apache/tomcat/loader/AdaptiveClassLoader.loadClass
	at java/lang/ClassLoader.loadClassInternal (
	at SlangHarness.doGet (
	at javax/servlet/http/HttpServlet.service (
	at javax/servlet/http/HttpServlet.service (
	at org/apache/tomcat/core/ServletWrapper.handleRequest
	at org/apache/tomcat/core/ServletWrapper.handleRequest
	at org/apache/tomcat/servlets/InvokerServlet.service
	at javax/servlet/http/HttpServlet.service (
	at org/apache/tomcat/core/ServletWrapper.handleRequest
	at org/apache/tomcat/core/ContextManager.service
	at org/apache/tomcat/service/
	at java/lang/ (

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