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From Raphaël Lemaitre <>
Subject RE: How can i share session between servlet and jsp
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 12:36:02 GMT
> Raphaël Lemaitre typed the following on 11:56 12/12/2000 +0000
> >But when i want to follow a hyperlink that points to a
> >servlet, i do not get the same session (session Ids are different). 
> How are you building this hyperlink exactly? Is it a relative link?
> What exactly does the URL to the JSP page look like vs. the
> URL to the servlet? Are the hostnames exactly the same? If
> not you could be losing the session ID cookie. Are you sure your
> browser is taking the cookie? 
> Kief
Thanks, the problem is solved. In fact, i mispelled my webapp name in the

	Raphael Lemaitre

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