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From Raphaël Lemaitre <>
Subject How can i share session between servlet and jsp
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 11:56:14 GMT

	I've got a big urgent problem : it seems that mu JSPs and my
servlets don't share the same session. I explain : 
I have a JSP login form which action points to a servlet. In this servlet, i
create the HttpSession object using request.getSession(true), i put an
userID (String) in the session and forward to a JSP. In this JSP and all the
JSPs i access directly (without passing through a servlet), the userID is
still in the session. But when i want to follow a hyperlink that points to a
servlet, i do not get the same session (session Ids are different). How can
i do to make this work?

	thanks in advance

86-88 rue du Vieux Pont, 92000 Nanterre + 

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