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From "Hosegood, Chris W (EDU)" <>
Subject RE: Can't find apxs command
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 20:57:47 GMT
I had the same problem for RedHat 6.2 but once I installed the apache-devel
(apache development) RPM all was good.

Name : apache-devel Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version : 1.3.12 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release : 2 Build Date: Wed 01 Mar 2000 12:37:55
Install date: Tue 28 Nov 2000 04:07:32 PM CST Build Host: porky.devel.redha
Group : Development/Libraries Source RPM: apache-1.3.12-2.src.rpm
Size : 397352 License: Freely distributable and
Packager : Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary : Development tools for the Apache Web server.
Description :
The apache-devel package contains the APXS binary and other files that
you'll need to build Dynamic Shared Objects (DSOs) for Apache.
If you are installing the Apache Web server, and you want to be
able to compile or develop additional modules for Apache, you'll
need to install this package.

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From: Matt Becker []
Sent: December 6, 2000 12:04 PM
To: tomcat mailing list
Subject: Can't find apxs command

Hi, I'm trying to compile mod_jk on a Red Hat 7.0 system with the latest
Apache rpm, Tomcat 3.2, etc. but can't find the "apxs" command anywhere. I'm
beginning to wonder if the problems I've had trying to get Tomcat and Apache
working together come from that the Apache I'm using is preinstalled by Red
Hat and maybe I should instead install the Linux without a web server and
manually install Apache?
Has anyone gotten Apache and Tomcat working on Red Hat 7.0?

Matt Becker
Mythic Wave Productions, Inc.
21053 Devonshire, #201
Chatsworth, Ca. 91311

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