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From ECIS Gast <>
Subject Standalone Tomcat
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:45:38 GMT
Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
i have a problem to run Tomcat 3.2.1 as Standalone-Server, i mean wihout a Web-Server. I can
start the Tomcat-Server, but i can't execute the servlets in the webbrowser (for example with
command "http://localhost/servlet/MyTestServlet").
Reportedly to the Guideline of Tomcat 3.2.1 its possible to run it without a WebServer.

Stand-alone servlet containers
These are an integral part of the web server. This is the case when using a Java-based web
server, for example the servlet container that is part of the JavaWebServer. Stand-alone is
the default mode used by Tomcat.
Most web servers, however, are not Java-based, which leads us to the next two container types


How Do I Install the Binary Version of Tomcat?
Very simple. You should:
*	Download the zip/tar.gz/whatever file from <>.

*	Unzip the file into some directory (say foo). This should create a new subdirectory named
*	Change directory to "tomcat" and set a new environment variable (TOMCAT_HOME) to point to
the root directory of your Tomcat hierarchy. 
			On Win32 you should type: 
			"set TOMCAT_HOME=foo\tomcat" 
			On UNIX you should type: 
			for bash/sh "TOMCAT_HOME=foo/tomcat ; export TOMCAT_HOME"
			for tcsh "setenv TOMCAT_HOME foo/tomcat" 
*	Set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to point to the root directory of your JDK hierarchy,
then add the Java interpreter to your PATH environment variable. 
That's it! You can now execute Tomcat and it will run as a stand-alone (type 1) servlet container.

I execute this steps (for Windows), but i can't execute the servlets.
What must i do?

Sadettin Ă–zdil


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