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From Carles Pi-Sunyer <>
Subject 3.2 + IIS: still having problems
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 23:05:23 GMT

I've been struggling for the last few days to integrate tomcat 3.2 with IIS.
My current situation is that I am getting the green up arrow for the filter,
but I'm getting 404 messages for the pages I'm requesting. 

I've tried the following advice without success:
1) use short directory names.
2) use the 3.1 and files
3) put the isapi_redirect.dll in a directory under the inetpub directory
4) reboot NT after changes

My IIS log files show this entry after a request:

20:17:11 GET /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll+ 404

this is a little different then if I request a page that doesn't exist:

22:56:34 GET /notthere.html 404

What does the "+" after the isapi_redirect.dll mean?

Any other suggestions on getting this working?


Carles Pi-Sunyer
Stario, Inc.
408 844-8333 ex:326

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