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From <>
Subject Tomcat 4 standalone with SSL - anyone?
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 20:58:43 GMT

Has anyone installed Tomcat 4 standalone with SSL? After trying to get Tomcat
3.2.1 to successfully work standalone with SSL I decided to take a look at
Tomcat 4.0m5. From what I have been able to glean from the documentation I have
been able to find, it appears that TC4 may be able to offer us what we are
looking for, and a little easier than TC3.2.1.

Unfortunately I am not conversant with Tomcat or Java, so I am not sure about
the correct format of the server.xml file, or how to set-up multiple servers
while minimizing disk space. If anyone can shed some light on this, I would
greatly appreciate it.

What we want to do:
1) Run Tomcat standalone with SSL (no Apache, no IIS, no Netscape, just Tomcat)
2) On multiple domains/IP addresses on the same server
3) With minimal "cross-talk" (i.e. restarting will not affect
4) With minimal disk space usage (while still keeping with the edict of #3)

Has anyone done anything like this? If so, would you be willing to share your
secrets? If anyone has some information on a good way to set-up something like
this, please let me know as I am not sure which files/directories must be kept
for each instance we need to run, and which files/directories can be shared
(aside from a form of server.xml for each instance).

I have been thinking that setting up a tree like this:

/usr/local/tomcat   -- containing all files/directories that can be shared
/usr/local/tomcat-servers  -- containing files/directories that must be unique
for each instance
/usr/local/tomcat-servers/00skeleton  -- template directory from which to work
when creating new instances
/usr/local/tomcat-servers/00skeleton/conf  -- conf files, easily modified where

This way I could copy the contents of /usr/local/tomcat-servers/00skeleton to a
new directory, adjust a few variables, and fire it up.

Thanks in advance.

Dion Vansevenant
Internetwork Administrator

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