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From Nacho <>
Subject Advices for IIS-Tomcat integration & Service configuration
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 20:50:29 GMT
Hola a Todos:

This messages is intended to help a little everybody that are trying to
get to work the IIS-Tomcat , with no luck.

* check case of file names and directories is a big source of trouble
* dont use long filenames in directories when possible try to install
tomcat inside a path without  long names name "c:\tomcat" is a good
* same for jdk "c:\jdk" is a good choice ( change drives as needed but
keep short names )
* IIS-Tomcat integration uses ajp12 *only*, is you dont need ajp13 dont
use it..

Hope this help somebody..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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