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From Joan Xiao <>
Subject How to precompile jsp
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 01:50:09 GMT
Hi all,

I've been trying to use jspc to precompile the jsp pages into java classes.
Below is the steps
I've taken:

1. run jspc and generate the java code and web.xml
2. insert the web.xml generated in step1 into my web.xml.
3. compile the java files into class files.
   Now I have problem with where to put the class files. Should they be
under the web-inf\classes
   or the work\ directory? I put them under web-inf\classes. And I have the
classes preserve
   the package/directory structure.
4. restart Tomcat.

Result: the jsp pages under the first level directory are not re-compiled by
Tomcat, but those
under the 2nd level directory are re-compiled. For example, suppose I have
the following directory structure:
	+ registration
		+ enroll
		+ web-inf
			+ classes

The jsps under registration/ are not recompiled, but those under
registration/enroll are re-compiled by Tomcat, as I can see the java/class
files in the work/ directory.

How can I make it work? Do I have to put the classes files under work/ and
name them the same
way Tomcat names them?

Thanks for any help.


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