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From Mohamed Nasser <>
Subject apache webserver and tomcat servlet engine. ( HELP)
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 23:04:06 GMT
I have installed tomcat and it runs fine on port 8080.
I do not want to use the tomcat as the webserver but only want to use its
java servlet engine.
I have httpd define at port 5080 and listening to that port in httpd.conf.
I have added the line include $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/tomcat.conf to the httpd
file, amended the server.xml, file and I have pointed the to where it was pointing when I was using jserv.
( I commented out the include jserv line in httpd). 
I have a new context created and have added it into the server.xml and the
web. xml and have a properties file for that too.
I can run a directory listing on both ports 5080 and 8080 with the same
results. However I cannot run my servlets on port 5080 but I can run it on
8080. The same applies for the /examples . I asked this yesterday but have
not received any answer :(
I am on Sun Solaris 7 platform.
I hope there is some one who can clue in to my "ignorance".
a little frustrated.
Mohamed Nasser
The error I receive when i run through the port configured in httpd.conf:
$ HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream broken, couldn't
demarshal string :768:389 Stream broken, couldn't demarshal string :768:389
org.apache.tomcat.service.connector.Ajpv12InputStream.readString(Ajp1, Compiled Code)
st(, Compiled Code)
nection(, Compiled Code)
ava, Compiled Code)
        at, Compiled Code)

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