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From Mohamed Nasser <>
Subject Apache and tomcat
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 21:16:08 GMT
I am trying to set up Apache to work with Tomcat as  JSP/servlet engine.
I have followed as much as I could from the documentation. I have created a
zone of my own.
Somehow I am getting to a point where only the sevlet does not run.
With port 8080 turned on ( line existing ) in the server.xml I get the
examples and my servlet to run without a problem using the URL.
However if I use the port defined in httpd.conf "XXXX" then I get a time out
on my page. This is all http. 
However with port XXXX I can reach through a browse to the file and get to
the page for examples or my zone. Execution of the servlet program produces
a time out followed by an error on the screen that started the process that
looks like this:
couldn'tdemarshal string Stream broken,
couldn't demarshal string :768:384 at
org.apache.tomcat.service.connector.Ajpv12InputStream.readString(Ajp12Connec, Compiled Code) at
org.apache.tomcat.service.connector.AJP12RequestAdapter.readNextRequest(Ajp1, Compiled Code)at
(, Compiled Code)at,
Compiled Code)at, Compiled Code)

 This error was produced with and without the connector line port 8080 from
I am just not sure what have I missed to make my servlets run through the
port defined in httpd.conf file. I have added the tomcat.conf in httpd.conf
( removed jserv.conf as I was running jserv before)..pointed the conf file
to where the is located ( not in libexec) and made all the
configuration changes. Being able to browse the directories tells me the
configuartion is right, however I can't run my servlets.
any help will be appreciated.
Mohamed Nasser  

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