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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject RE: $20 bucks to the 1st person who actually solves my problem!!!
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 13:41:07 GMT
Try to find some way of using the javascript code
"this.location.refresh()" in this.  For example... you could have the
JSP page or the servlet add the code onLoad="this.location.refresh()"
into the body tag of the jsp page if the user has just deleted an entry.
That way the client browser should force the page to be refreshed.

I hope this helps solving your problem...  please forget about the money

Kind Regards,
	Stefan Freyr

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From: Adress, David S. []
Sent: 8. desember 2000 13:29
To: ''; 'JRun-Talk'
Subject: $20 bucks to the 1st person who actually solves my problem!!!

I am on this for days and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I
send $20 bucks to 1st person who actually solves my problem.

I am using jsp page's to control the layout of my page and servlets to
table data or to do database transactions.

I have a jsp page that displays a list of employees. The jsp page
has an include statement to include the servlet to spit out the table.
The jsp just handles the general look of the page and the servlet just 
spits out the table and table html tags. Next to each record I have an
delete hyperlink. If someone clicks the add link it displays another
page to
an employee and then the action servlet adds the record and then goes
to the jsp 
list page. If some one deletes a record it calls a servlet to delete and
then the servlet redirects back to the jsp list page. But the list
display the updated data without having me hit the refresh button in the

I tried using Tomcat and now am using Jrun and am still having the same

I've included all the proper meta tags in the jsp list page not to cache
it's not working. I've also tries doing it with reponse.setHeader but it
doesn't work either.

I've tried sending a random number param to the page
ShowList?rnd=Randomnumber it still doesn't work.

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