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From AC <>
Subject Re: fdatasync and mod_jk + freebsd...
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 08:45:40 GMT
I've got Freebsd 4.1.1-STABLE with jdk 1.2 beta and it works fine.  You 
should use the freebsd makefile to compile the mod_jk even if there is also 
a problem with it; you have to add ./jk/*.c  at the end of the apxs command.

from jk_util.c:
#ifndef WIN32
#ifndef FREEBSD
#ifndef NETWARE


At 00.29 04/12/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>I get an unresolved symbol (fdatasync) when trying to load mod_jk. I've 
>checked through this list, and every solution regarding this problem has 
>been to solaris etc. I tried all those solaris etc tricks but couldn't get 
>it work, but what I found very strange is that there's not a single 
>snippet of code with fdatasync that gets compiled in the source, still it 
>gets linked.
>I got it to work with linux emulation, but I'd like to get it work 
>"clean", not by emulation. Anyone know a good solution, or should I add to 
>libc a nice little fdatasync wrapper to fsync or something similar...
>btw. the server is running 4.2-release...
>Edvard Fagerholm

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