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From Dave Emerson <>
Subject problems in tomcat 3.2 with mod_jk and 404 errors?
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 01:42:44 GMT
I'm running under Win2k, Apache 1.3.14, and Tomcat 3.2.  I've tried 
rebuilding mod_jk but I get 404 errors when I try to run via 
mod_jk.  Tomcat and Apache are both working fine stand-alone.  I've bumped 
up the log levels but there's no evidence of anything being wrong except 
the 404 error itself which appears as

2000-12-03 08:12:10 - Ctx( ): 404 R( + /servlet/ + null) null

in the log if I try to access the default context.  The HelloWorldExample 
etc. examples don't work either.  I've updated, tried 
both ajp12 and ajp13, etc.  I've also followed the various -howto files to 
the letter.  Is mod_jk supposed to be working?

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