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From Mike La Budde <>
Subject Re: Tomcat started with jk_nt_service Terminates on console exit
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 17:25:50 GMT
I'm guessing you are using jdk 1.3; since is a well-known bug with that
jdk version. There may be a fix/patch available now, otherwise you will
have to back down to jdk1.2.2. <br>
At 12/13/2000 09:19 AM -0800, you wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite><font size=2>I apologize if this is
a silly question.&nbsp; However, when I start Tomcat 3.2 using the
jk_nt_service, then logoff the server console, the main Tomcat thread is
terminated.&nbsp; I understand that logging off the console is a common
action.&nbsp; Thus, I assume my problem must be configuration
related.&nbsp; I have tested this behavior both on Win2K Ent Server and
WinNT 4.0 Ent Server.&nbsp; Does any one have a possible fix?<br>
<font size=2>Reproduce : <br>
<font size=2>* Login to console</font> <br>
<font size=2>* start Tomcat with jk_nt_service</font> <br>
<font size=2>* Log off console</font> <br>
<font size=2>* test and find Tomcat no longer running</font> <br>
<font size=2>Best Regards,</font> <br>
<font size=2>Joel Kozlow </font></blockquote></html>

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