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From "Jose Euclides da Silva Junior - DIGR.O" <>
Subject RES: multipart/form-data problem
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:41:56 GMT

Hi everybody,
i am using tomcat 3.1 and multipart/form-data works fine with oreilly'
components. Are you using it? If yes, It seems to be stupid hint, but try a

José Euclides Júnior

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De:		jokozlow []
Enviada em:		Quinta-feira, 14 de Dezembro de 2000 19:42
Para:		''
Assunto:		RE: multipart/form-data problem

This has been a pretty common topic lately.  Since I am one of the last
people to ask a similar question, I thought I would share.

* Tomcat 3.2 final has a bug that garbles multi part streams. (Fix is
planned in 3.2.2, workaround available - see the last few days of list

* Prebuilt packages for handling most of the work exist from Both Sun (Java
Web Server 2.0 examples), and Oreilly ( <>).

* Using multi part streams for binary data (such as file uploads) is
possible and does work with Tomcat (quite well and better than ASPUpload
might I add)

Best of Luck, 

Joel Kozlow 

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> From: Muehlmann, Fred [ <>] 
> Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 11:59 AM 
> To: '' 
> Subject: multipart/form-data problem 
> I'm trying to send Tomcat a "POST" with an 
> enctype="multipart/form-data". 
> This is for uploading a combination of form data and binary 
> files.  Tomcat 
> doesn't appear to take this type.  Netscape reports "A network error 
> occurred while sending data. (Network Error: Connection 
> aborted)".  I can 
> talk to the servlet if I'm not doing an enctype of 
> multipart/form-data. 
> I've written the Java servlet to handle this and it has been 
> functioning 
> perfectly using Sun's Java Web Server 2.0.  The only possible 
> difference 
> with the code should be where Tomcat will attempt to put the 
> uploaded file, 
> but I'm not even getting that far.  Anybody do this before 
> with Tomcat? 
> Thanks, 
> Fred Muehlmann 

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