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From "Muehlmann, Fred" <>
Subject multipart/form-data problem
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:58:42 GMT
I'm trying to send Tomcat a "POST" with an enctype="multipart/form-data".
This is for uploading a combination of form data and binary files.  Tomcat
doesn't appear to take this type.  Netscape reports "A network error
occurred while sending data. (Network Error: Connection aborted)".  I can
talk to the servlet if I'm not doing an enctype of multipart/form-data.
I've written the Java servlet to handle this and it has been functioning
perfectly using Sun's Java Web Server 2.0.  The only possible difference
with the code should be where Tomcat will attempt to put the uploaded file,
but I'm not even getting that far.  Anybody do this before with Tomcat?

Fred Muehlmann

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