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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: tomat - how it works - caches servlets?
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2000 10:57:45 GMT
First of all, are you using Tomcat 3.2? Version 3.1 has lots of bugs. 3.2
is much better about loading and reloading classes.

Riley,R typed the following on 10:39 07/12/2000 +0000
 >I've tried starting and stopping tomcat and have all of the servlets class
 >files in jars in its webapps classes directory and the server.xml has the

Are they in webapps/MYAPP/WEB-INF/lib, or webapps/MYAPP/WEB-INF/classes?
The lib directory should be used for .jar files, classes for .class files 
(in the correct

Are you sure Tomcat is using the .jar file you think it is? What happens if 
completely delete the jar file?

 >Does tomcat cache servlet output?  This might explain why an 'old' page is
 >being returned.  If tomcat caches servlet pages is it possible to
 >configure/clear the cache?

It shouldn't - are you 100% sure your browser isn't doing the caching?
Try clearing your browser's cache, exit and reopen it.

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