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From Maureen Fisher <>
Subject Re: Your thoughts on organizing multiple web apps
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 17:49:37 GMT
give each developer a separate jvm and context;
give each jvm its own classpath;
give each application its own "webapps" directory and load app-specific jars in the WEB-INF.

For example, we provide a base directory with common jars (ie a customized mailer, security
services (we use kerberos) and vaious objects that make life easier). Some jars get updated
and are placed alongside the older versions in this directory.
Then using a classpath script that is called from the startup script the developer can pick
and choose what jars and what versions to use in creating the application. The app jars are
placed in the "webapps" directory are auto-loaded with each restart.
Each webapp has its own server.xml file and startup files. The developer can specify what
version jdk to use there too.

This has worked very well, and several people can develop on the same box without effecting
other's development efforts.

Of course, your mileage may vary, and this is best used in development only. 

At 08:52 AM 12/06/2000 -0800, George McKInney wrote:
>We've got a heterogeneous collection of internal applications running under
>the same Tomcat installation, and have recently had some problems.
>This collection has "evolved" and changed as we learn more about using
>Tomcat, and the problem seems to be that some webapps (particularly the
>earlier ones)  were installed with the .jar files they needed being put into
><TOMCAT_HOME>/lib and when another app (which required, for example, a
>different version of some class) was installed with the .jars IT needed
>going into WEB-INF/lib the .jars in <TOMCAT_HOME>/lib "shadowed" the classes
>the new app needed.
>General consensus here seems (in hindsight) to be that <TOMCAT_HOME>/lib is
>***NOT*** the place to put .jar files UNLESS the Tomcat administrator can
>ensure that every app that will be installed will be happy with them.
>Otherwise, the webapp should keep the .jars it needs in its own WEB-INF/lib
>even if that means some duplication of .jar files across the collection of
>Has anyone else had similar experiences, and what were your solutions?
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