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From Maureen Fisher <>
Subject HOW TO unsubscribe from this list
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 15:25:36 GMT
Instructions for unsubbing were sent to you when you subscribed:

--- Administrative commands for the tomcat-user list ---
I can handle administrative requests automatically. Please 
do not send them to the list address! Instead, send 
your message to the correct command address:
To subscribe to the list, send a message to: 
To remove your address from the list, send a message to: 
Send mail to the following for info and FAQ for this list: 
Similar addresses exist for the digest list: 

They are also included in the header of each mail file you receive from this list.

Hope this helps.

At 02:59 PM 12/01/2000 +0000, David Oxley wrote:
>I'm going to Australia for a month so I would appreciate being removed from
>the list and I'll resubscribe when I get back.

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