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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Status of overall Tomcat performance
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 18:23:39 GMT
Kief Morris wrote:

> Charles Forsythe typed the following on 09:34 AM 12/27/2000 -0600
> >I've read several places (see link below) that "Tomcat is the slowest
> >Servlet Engine you can run."  Is this still true?  What are the
> >prospects for Tomcat 4.0 improving speed?
> Check out 3.3, which (as I understand it) is more heavily focused on
> performance. I'd be suprised if 4.0 comes out super-fast since it's a
> new architecture - hopefully it'll be tightened up over a few point releases.

I have not run enough formal benchmarks to publish anything, but in most of my
tests the current standalone Tomcat 4.0 code is in the same performance range as
3.2.  A limited amount of attention has been focused on 4.0 performance so far
(the primary focus has been correct functionality, and that is looking *very*
solid), so there's room to tune things like per-request object creations
(especially Strings) in the same way that 3.0 --> 3.1 --> 3.2 performance has
been improved.

On Apache-connected performance, the 4.0 web connector is brand new code, and is
still being debugged.

One functionality issue to consider is that stand-alone Tomcat 4.0 supports
HTTP/1.1, chunking, and persistent connections.  By itself, this can make a
substantial difference if your clients support those capabilities.

> Kief

Craig McClanahan

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