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From Alec Bau <>
Subject Re: IDE
Date Tue, 26 Dec 2000 20:14:55 GMT
Oh, I did this before, no problem. But that's like using Tomcat as an ordinary
"Application" in JB4 terms. I meant injecting 3.2 in a same way as a builtin 3.1
(as a "JSP/Servlet" type app) that enables convenient things like easy JSP
debugging, http trace, builtin browser (though it doesn't work with JS), etc.


Steven Newton wrote:

> > interested to hear
> > if somebody successfully had set up JB4 with Tomcat 3.2 or 4.
> >
> I followed the directions there pretty much as given, for
> JBuilder 4/Tomcat 3.2.1 on win2k. Ignore the Tomcat bundled
> with JB4 (it's a nice thought but it doesn't support
> configuring webapps very well), just follow the steps as given and it
> will work.  Be aware that if the class files in your webapp under
> Tomcat get out of sync with what JBuilder thinks they should be,
> you'll get an error.
> s

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