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From Paul Hethmon <>
Subject Requesting Suggestions for a Tomcat book
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:07:08 GMT

I'm in the process of starting work on a Tomcat book. The goal of the book
is to provide the information for using Tomcat in a book form. The plan
right now is to cover the installation, set-up, and use of both Tomcat 3.2
and 4.0. The idea for the book came from when I went to use Tomcat a while
back. I pored over the faq's and readme's and got it going, but thought it
would be nice to have that paper reference.

My general table of contents right now includes:

  * installation
  ** general
  ** linux specific
  ** win specific
  ** other?

  * set-up
  ** general
  *** configuration files
  **** server.xml
  **** etc.
  *** ssl mode
  ** linux specific
  ** win specific
  ** other?

  * use
  ** general
  *** security
  ** linux specific
  ** win specific
  ** other?

This is just a preliminary outline. I'd like to ask for any suggestions anyone might
have as topics to include. I've been following the mailing lists for several months
now pulling out topics which come up and seem like should be answered in a book. Of
course, the faq topics come to mind also.

Also, I realize to some that I may seem to be coming in here as an "outsider" doing
this book. I hope no one is offended by that, but sometimes coming in in that position
makes it easier to understand the topics that new users (and readers) will be
interested in (and confused by). My hope is to achieve something which answers their
questions. Btw, this project does have a publisher ( behind it. I think
it is a tribute to the Jakarta project that a publisher is willing to put out a
book on the subject.

My last request is for anyone interested in reviewing the manuscript to let me know. I
would like to put together a group of 3 to 6 people who have varying degrees of familiarity
with Tomcat.

Direct replies would be appreciated and perhaps more appropriate given the topic, but
feel free to use your own judgement on whether others would be interested.


Paul Hethmon

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