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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Re: creation of application wide objects
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 09:20:40 GMT
I did it and quite successfully.

Intergate wrote:

> Alex,
> Were you successful with this auto loading solution?
> It is something that I have been searching for...
> I seem to remember a message a while back from someone
> on the list that indicated that the
> >>          <load-on-startup>
> >>               1
> >>           </load-on-startup>
> wasn't implemented as of Tomcat 3.2.1 and would not
> be available until 4.0.

That is quite incorrect. At least with Tomcat 3.1 Standalone on Win2000
it works nicely; you can see in the output window that the servlet is
started without any calls from outside.

> Also, David wrote this morning that Tomcat 3.2.1 does
> not read the web.xml file and that it shouldn't even be
> included in the distribution anymore??

In fact, what Tomcat 3.2 doesn't read is the file in
{tomcat_home}/conf/web.xml, but sure it reads the web.xml files within
each webapp.

Merry christmas,


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