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From craig mcclanahan <>
Subject Re: sealing violation in 4.0m5
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 00:33:48 GMT
Bill Pfeiffer wrote:
> Classpath is not set (ie set to empty) when starting Tomcat.

With Tomcat 4.0 using standard startup scripts, this does not matter --
the user's CLASSPATH variable is totally ignored.

  My web app
> does include some jars, none of which should clash with Tomcat.

My understanding is that a "sealing violation" is not caused by a
conflict with Tomcat -- rather, it's caused when you try to load a class
A in a particular package from one JAR, and class B from the same
package from another JAR.  I do not believe it matters whether it's the
same class loader or not; the issue is that a sealed package should be
completely loaded from a single JAR.

But I'm not done doing my own research to understand this problem,

> Any other ideas on what to start looking for in terms of a clash?.  The
> class in question appears to be one of my own in the WEB-INF/class
> directory.

Do you by chance have some un-JAR'd classes under WEB-INF/classes, and
some other classes in the same package found in a JAR file?

> Thanks,
> Bill Pfeiffer

Craig McClanahan

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