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From "Thom Park" <>
Subject bug in getUserPrincipal()?
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 21:58:02 GMT
Dear All,

I'm seeing some odd behavior from getUserPrincipal(). I have a simple
servlet that calls:

getRemoteUser(), getUserPrincipal() and isUserInRole().

I've setup an appropriate web.xml and all is well until I access the
same servlet from two web-browsers on the same machine.

In the first  browser, I login as user test1, in the second browser I
log in as user tomcat.

In the first (correct) case, I see that the user is 'test1', the
principal is 'test1' and the user is in role.
In the second case, I see that the user is 'tomcat', but the principal
is still 'test1'.

It seems to me that this is a bug (but I could be misconfiguring/using
something wrong)..

Has anyone seen this behavior / can explain it such that I can
understand this - am I misunderstanding the
relationship between running servlets and connected clients?

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