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From Wojciech Wasowicz <>
Subject Re: How to set apache so it starts from index.jsp?
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 08:52:29 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:

> > > Question like in Subject.
> > > I've tried to replace index.html with index.jsp _at_the_end_ of
> > > httpd.conf and it doesn't work.
> > > (I use mod_jk to connect to tomcat)
> > > Has someone any clues?
> > I mean - in the root directory of apache.
> Do you mean have Apache look for an index.jsp before anything
> else by using the DirectoryIndex httpd.conf directive?
> If so, that's an Apache question, not Tomcat.
> Dave

Yes - it is what I mean - I've sent it here bacause
configuring apache with mod_jk.conf-auto gives
good results in aliased subdirectory - and it gives bad
results in apache documant root directory.
(good result - to set index.jsp as welcome page)

I've believed that is issue of communication
between apache and tomcat.
If not - I'm sorry, I didn't mean harasing you
with mails which are out of subject of this list.

In meantime I've solved this.


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