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From "Michael G. Anderson" <>
Subject "...the annual scientific inquiry into Santa Claus."
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 21:43:19 GMT
"Tis, the season to be jolly" (So going off topic is covered by this caveat)

Hi Gary, et. al.,

I too,  see some "flaws" in the analysis... But NOT due to "Einsteinian
One must remember that if  "Santa's sleigh is moving at 650 miles per
second" this is a far-cry from 186, 000 mi/sec!
We know from "Special Rel" aka "Flat Space Time" that time dialation/length
contraction effects don't even begin to show up until about .99(or so)c.

HOWEVER my issue with this analysis is that it proves the REVERSE!
The reason that "Santa" is NEVER SEEN!
The human eye AT BEST can only see 60 cycles per second "fluctuations" e.g.
Those people who have issues with "Fluorescent(sp?) Lighting" Since Santa is
going "650 mi/sec" we don't see him!
Now as far as the The "COMBUSTION" of Santa's Reindeer, I personally see
Santa visiting High Tech shops on TV all the time (i.e GoodGuys)
So, I ask you -- If its possible for Santa to contact "Good Guys" isn't it
also possible for him to contact NASA officials and have specially designed
suits made for his Reindeer? Perhaps Santa even coerced NASA officials with
the "the threat of suspension of toy distribution on Christmas eve/day"
But, then again that would'nt explain the 'Santa Clause' of the 40's and
50's when NASA didn't have the technology -- then again there weren't so
many peolple and therefore children in the world then...

But, Santa may not be a 'Santa (i.e. human) maybe Santa is an Area 51
project.. Who knows?

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> He neglect time dilation due to Lorenz contractions, the 31 other
> dimensions of a super-string Universe, and Dr. Who's explaination of
> the Tardis being bigger inside than outside: "Imagine if we could
> bring that orange from over there to over hear without it growing any
> bigger"
> Sorry, couldn't resist.
> --
> Gary Lawrence Murphy <> TeleDynamics Communications Inc
> Business Innovations Through Open Source Systems:
> "Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers."(Pablo Picasso)

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