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From Daniel Lamblin <>
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 03:43:38 GMT
 The docs for getting tomcat 3.2.1 working with apache say to use mod_jk; okay
that's really not a problem, but they also say that I can get the binary where
I got the tomcat files.  That's a lie.
 I would very much like a binary of and whatever other files I need
because I can't build it.  I have an old machine running Debian, and for some
reason the debian apache package doesn't come with apxs; furthermore, when I
got apxs from the apache binary dist, it had some @variables@ particularly:
my $CFG_SBINDIR       = '@sbindir@';           # substituted via APACI install
which I didn't know what to set to since I can't make sense of where debian
put stuff in their apache package.  hm.
  Well I'd like to see the mod_jk stuff put where they said they'd put it
(there is a win32/mod_jk.dll, but that doesn't help any sensible person).
  Additionally I'd like any pointers to the binary so that I don't have to
blow-away my existing apache setup, install the standard one, and then do
stuff to get it back to "normal" just so that I can then build mod_jk from the
source, since I'm willing to bet I'll hit another irritating obstical in the

--Daniel Lamblin
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  Telephone: +1(508)435-1000 x57638

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