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From Rajeev Jha <>
Subject Re: Tomcat on IIS
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 23:30:30 GMT
hi list
it is possible to use tomcat with IIS and it works fine. things u need to install r the following
1. jdk1.2.2 / jdk1.3 or some other JVM if u like
2. then install tomcat (binary release is there , so u don't have to do anything)
3. check the stand alone tomcat
4. if u want, u can make jakarta-tomcat a service on ur NT machine
5. now use the isapi_redirect.dll to server jsp pages/particular contexts with IIS
6. tomcat user guide has all the information , and basically on NT u don't have to do much


Stief Dirckx wrote:

> Hello
> I'm a webdeveloper for some time now. Up to now I only developed websites
> using IIS and ASP technologie. Now I'm interested in starting to use JSP.
> Because I haven't got the possibility to install a new webserver (Apache or
> WebSpher or ...) I wan't to enable JSP on IIS. I've read about the Tomcat
> project, that it made possible to run JSP on IIS whitout using Apache. I've
> tried to install it using the Tomcat documentation
> ( but
> it's not all that clear to me. It's not clear to me what order I have to
> use to install everything properly. Do I also need JDK, how do I install
> that? How do I install Tomcat properly and configure it? How do I use the
> ISAPI redirector? What i'm asking is the follow: is there a document that
> really gives a good order on installing, activating and configuring Tomcat
> on IIS. I do know some things about webservers and Windows, so technically
> it won't be a problem. It's just the correct order that important to me and
> that it cover everything from scratch to a running a servlet. Please help
> me ASAP.
> Met vriendelijke groeten
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