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From Pierre Delisle <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0 milestone 4 and jsp:expression tag
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 06:24:59 GMT
In XML syntax, a request-time attribute is specified via the following

   %= ... %

Here are some snippets of interest from the JSP1.2 PFD spec:

5.1.8 Request-Time Attributes
An action element that can accept a request time attribute (Section
2.13.1) can accept an
argument for that attribute of the form “%= text %” (white space around
text is not needed,
and note the missing ‘<‘ and ‘>’). The text, after any applicable
quoting as in any other
XML document, is an expression to be evaluated as in Section 2.13.1.


5.2.8 Request-Time Attribute Expressions
Request-time attribute expressions are of the form “<%= expression %>”.
Although this
syntax is consistent with the syntax used elsewhere in a JSP page, it is
not a legal XML
syntax. The XML mapping for these expressions is into values of the form
“%= expression’
%”, where the JSP specification quoting convention has been converted to
the XML quoting

    -- Pierre

Patrick McFarlane wrote:
> Hello,
>  I'm trying to use Tomcat 4.0 milestone 4 to take advantage of it's support
> for XML compliant JSP tags. I understand from the New Spec document that
> this functionality is not complete (medium rare if I recall). To that
> effect, I've noticed some strange behavior when evaluating jsp:expression
> tags. It seems that if the jsp:expression tag is embedded in an attribute,
> (i.e. <input
> value="<jsp:expression>TestBean.getTestString()</jsp:expression>" width=35
> height=1/> ) then the jsp:expression tag is not recognized. I'm not sure if
> this is a known issue/bug or some sort of user error. I've attached some
> samples of the behavior I'm describing. There is attached a bean called
> TestBean, a jsp page called TestJsp.jsp which uses the non XML convention
> (<% %>) and works properly and a jsp page called TextXMLJsp.jsp which uses
> the XML compliant jsp:expression syntax and does not behave properly.
> Thanks in advance for looking at this...
>         patrick
> patrick mcfarlane
> sr. java engineer
> lendx

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