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From Claude Vervoort <>
Subject Mod_jk overhead and IIS availability?
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 02:08:33 GMT
I am trying to see how many requests per second can be handled on a 
configuration including 1 apache with mod_jk module balancing the load 
on two tomcat workers and I come through really strange results:

- 1 apache acting as a proxy and using rewrite rules to forward requests 
to a tomcat server on port 8080 handles 80 requests/second
- The same apache using mod_jk, two tomcat servers (the one above and 
another one on a similar machine), handles 4 requests/second - using ajp12

I am using WebBench from ZDnet, and all requests to Apache are not 
giving back any cookie. I therefore wonder:

- Does mod_jk add a big overhead compared to a simple rewrite rule?
- Does the fact that my faked clients never come back with the AJP 
cookie adds an overhead?
- Is there a real diff. in speed between ajp12 and ajp13?

Has anyone used mod_jk for load balancing?

And will mod_jk be ported to IIS?

Thanx for your help!

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