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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: bug in tomcat 3.2 final??
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 01:06:47 GMT
Landaluze Produktions IS - Carlos wrote:

> i am pùt the tomcat 3.2 final in linux
> Is ti very well
> but if i want to connect to a DB (MSsql server), in other pc......
> if there is not the odbc object created in the MSsql server pc the tomcat
> crass!! turn off.
> the tomcat doesn't not show there normal error message it turn off.

Are you sure Tomcat itself is really crashing?  It would show some sort of stack
trace or error message to system output of the window where it was started in
this case.

The only reason that Tomcat itself would crash would be due to bugs in the
JdbcOdbcDriver (which has native code in it, so bugs here can indeed crash the
JVM).  It sounds like you are encountering such a bug.  I would recommend using
a different driver -- the JdbcOdbcDriver is not designed for robust production
use.  You can check out available drivers on the JDBC Drivers page at

> my answer is:
> if the sql server pc in that moment is off, and in from the tomcat there is
> a query to the sql server it'll turns off always?? this is not notmal
> i am using in the linux a jdbc dfriver to connect to the windows SQL server
> thanks
> Carlos


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