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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 tries to read POST data before forwarding to JSP
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 19:34:14 GMT
Matt Goss wrote:

> Craig,
> I'm looking at using the MVC method for a current project... how exactly does
> struts benifit this framework?

Struts is an implementation of the MVC processing model, including a controller
servlet and a framework for defining actions, plus mechanisms for assigning logical
names to business and presentation logic components so that changes in the path of a
JSP page (for example) do not require changes to the application logic in your
actions.  There's also a very nice custom tag library for building internationalized
form-based web applications.

For more info, see <>, and join the STRUTS-USER
maililng list.

> just curious...
> Also (since, I've got you ear), I've tried a similar process under tomcat 3.1
> where I route all requests (ie<servlet-mapping><servlet-name>router</servlet-name>
> <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern></servlet-mapping>)through a router servlet
to check
> login and whatnot. I couldn't get it to work... is this a bug in 3.1??? We are
> upgrading to 3.2 now that it is released and I was hoping that would fix the
> problem...

If you map to "/*", your controller servlet will indeed catch all requests.  The
problem is that you won't be able to forward to a JSP page later -- because the "/*"
pattern will catch JSP pages also :-(.

What I like to do is map the controller servlet to an extension (my favorite is "*.do"
which implies "go do something").  Then, I can have a form submit that goes to a url


which will be sent to the controller servlet, which then figures out which action to
call based on the "/saveCustomer" part (which your servlet can extract by calling
getServletPath() and doing a little string processing), and things go on from there.

> thanks,
> Matt Goss


> "Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:
> > Duane,
> >
> > The problem you're referring to doesn't happen to me, even though I use this
> > kind of programming approach all the time (in Struts).  Do you have a simple
> > test case that you can send to help us isolate this?
> >
> > Craig McClanahan

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