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From Trevor Little <>
Subject Re: simple SSL question running Tomcat3.2 stand-alone
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 14:11:37 GMT
I might be wrong but I thought browsers only could handle RSA
algorithms.  If you use another algorithm it won't work.

Tom Waite wrote:
> Should I be able to simply preface the URL with https: in order to access,
> say, the tomcat index.html using SSL?  Put another way,
> http://mymachine/index.html   works (I changed the port for http to 80 from
> 8080), but https://mymachine/index.html  fails with Tomcat's error msg
> reading:  Ctx(   ):  IOException in: R( /) Socket closed
> According to other docs I've read this should 'just work' .  What am I
> missing here?
> Details of installation:
> I have installed tomcat 3.2 and followed the instructions provided by the
> docs for placing the SSL jar files in the right places etc.  When I come to
> gen a key, though I am told that RSA is an unknown algorithm.  Being outside
> the US, I assumed I was forbidden from using RSA so generated the key
> without specifying the keyalg.  Starting tomcat is no problem and on startup
> it reports that it has a httpconnectionhandler on 443 (I changed the socket
> from 8443) as I read 443 is the default for the browsers
> Cheers,
> --Tom

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