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From FREY Thibault <>
Subject RE: VAJ and Tomcat 3.2
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 17:35:29 GMT
>Tomcat 3.2 runs inside Visual Age for Java, but after (trying) a re-start I
>this message:

> Address already in use
> Address already in use

>Seems that the 8080 port never get's released...

You're correct : IVJ doesn't close sockets even if the program performed an
an exit().

I think the cause is that IVJ runs all programs in only one JVM, 
and uses a custom classloader to simulate several JVM's.
In this way, when a program exits, the JVM doesn't fall down
and sockets stay open.

The only solution I found is to restart IVJ (and therefore the JVM).

>Has anyone succesfully gotten 3.2 to work inside vaj?

Yes, OK with IVJ3.02 (JDK1.1.8 and JDK1.2.0) and with IVJ3.5 (JDK1.2.2) for
Windows (sorry).


Thibault FREY.

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