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From Brad Siegfreid <>
Subject Servlet error I can't seem to resolve
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 16:20:54 GMT
I have a simple form handling servlet (FormEngineLight) that connects to a email class (IridiumSendMail)
that have been working with another host under JServ 1.0b3. I moved to a new host with Tomcat
3.2 and also now have Tomcat 3.2 working on a local machine for testing. Now my servlet/class
combo fails to work in either location. They require mail.jar and activation.jar, which are
in the classpath (initially just in the context lib directory, now in the locations that load
at boot). My apps are compiled agains Java 1.18 but are running on 1.2 for both local and

The stackTrace I get from FormEngineLight (emailed back using the classes) is:

	at java.util.Hashtable.put(
	at IridiumSendMail.sendIt(
	at FormEngineLight.writeToIridiumSendMail(
	at FormEngineLight.sendConfirmation(
	at FormEngineLight.service(
	at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
	at org.apache.tomcat.core.ServletWrapper.handleRequest(
	at org.apache.tomcat.core.ContextManager.service(
	at org.apache.tomcat.service.http.HttpConnectionHandler.processConnection(

Both of my files are in jars and reside in the lib directory. The FormEngineLight servlet
is accessible and sends me the error shown above. Does the IridiumSendMail file have to be
listed in the web.xml file even if its not a servlet. If so, do I list it as if it were a

Brad Siegfreid
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