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From "Daniel Zuck" <>
Subject Re: Can we use IBM HTTP Server ?
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 09:42:06 GMT
On Wed, 27 Dec 2000 14:12:24 +0530, amit wrote:

Hi Amit,

>(1) Can we use IBM's  HTTP Server (which is based on
>Apache) along with Tomcat ?

I'm quite sure you can - as ist behaves completely like Apache, except if you
try to load Apache DSO-modules. ;)
But: If you can get 'native' Apache, I see no reason why to use the IBM
HTTP-Server... as it is like a native Apache.
However, this might be an ko-criteria as you will try to load the Ajp-Router.
But quite more important:

>(2) If so , where can I get documentation for the
>integraion of it with Tomcat ?

There comes an integrated package from IBM along with this server, which
operates as an Servlet-container and/or JSP-engine and more. Its name is
'Websphere' - and as it is a strategic IBM product, I'm sure you'll get a lot
of documentation for this - not for Tomcat.
If you try Websphere be warned: It's a great work of intigration of serveral
products like Apache, Servlets, Java, DB/2 ... and this will keep your
machine *very* busy - and your machine will need a lot of CPU-power and
RAM-resources for this (IBM suggests 512M - only to load it... we're *not*
talking about any served http-requests at this state ;-) ). So if you do not
absolutely need all this nice windowed GUI stuff (might be okay for
development), I'm sure you'll get witch Apache 'native' and Tomcat a good
team for a havily loaded production environment.

>(3) Can anyone guide me about the SSL implementation
>using IBM's HTTP Server.

You can handle it with 'ikeyman' - a Java-GUI for the certificate database.
However, I experienced a destribution of IBM HTTPD which comes with an
errornous 'apachectl', which does not support 'apachectl startssl' ... but
you can start the httpd manually with '-DSSL' ;-)

After all, we found out, that overall, we've more advantages with
Apache/Tomcat than with IBMHTTPD/Websphere.

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