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From James Devenish <>
Subject Upgraded to Tomcat 3.2: can't run JSPs
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2000 00:37:10 GMT
I upgraded to from Tomcat 3.1 to 3.2 last night (using the binary dist)
and now I cannot use my JSPs. I think it might even be worse than that.
I have two problems:

 - only files ending in .jsp are processed as JSPs
 - when accessing Tomcat and Cocoon pages via an Apache server,
   pages are output unprocessed as text/plain unless the web browser
   request URI received by Apache is literally the same as the
   Tomcat request URI to which it maps.

Both these problems have arisen simultaneously when I upgraded to Tomcat
3.2. The configuration files I am now using are merges of my custom 3.1
config and the distributed 3.2 config. I manually examined the resulting
config files and verified the validity of the resulting config (I hope).

It seems that now, no changes to any web.xml like:

have any effect: the mapping is now effectively (for me) hard-coded as

I've tried adding extra mapping and even removing the .jsp mapping. No
of this has any effect.

This means all my existing web sites are broken. I'm not a Tomcat
developer but I did get the src dist and went through and modified some
salient java sources (and recompiled and installed them) but none of my
changes have had any effect. I could not find this problem in the list
archives (I could find solutions for previous version of Tomcat, but
these don't work in Tomcat 3.2).

I couldn't see any upgrade notes in any dist or on the web site.

The second problem is like this (and applies to any resource, not just
JSP files):

If a client tries to access
And there also exists a valid access
Then it all works as intended (and faster than under Tomcat 3.1)

However, if a client tries to access
In order to access the resource
Then c.xml is output unprocessed as text/plain.

I have not changed my Apache config or changed my version of Cocoon. The
only change has been an upgrade to Tomcat 3.2

Any patches? Any hints on what I can patch?

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