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From "John D. Smith" <>
Subject Apache: setting the 'home' directory for jsp pages
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 10:50:34 GMT
I am facing some trouble when i am using jsp pages that need relative path adressing. I guess
this is a configuration issue, problem description follows:

1) I developed a simple jsp that lists me certain files in a directory submitted by a querystring.
My thought was it references the path relative to the jsp source directory / docBase, but
it uses /opt/jakarta-tomcat/work/ to reference from. The Context was autoconfigured, with
docBase set to [...]/webapps/[dirname]

2) I tried this in combination with apache, moved the jsp to a /httpd/html/[...] dir. The
jsp page got recompiled, but weird-as-it-is, it uses the same directory as the one called
under the tomcat environment to reference from.

This seems like a malconfigured Server to me, so i guess i am just brainless and should be
ready for flames.

Any comments would be appreciated

Regards John

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