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From <>
Subject Re: Running JSP's w/ Apache and Tomcat
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 03:55:08 GMT
If you use mod_jk (JSERV is obsolete) you don't need to touch server.xml.  
Just read the mod_jk docs and you should be fine.  The only tomcat file that 
needs modifications is conf/worker/properties.

Good luck,

| hi,
| I would like to set up apache and tomcat so that apache handles all of my
| static html pages and all of the JSP pages are handled by tomcat....
| basically exactly how JServ/GNUJSP works.  What do I need to add to
| tomcat.conf/server.xml in order to get this scenario to work correctly?
| I've been playing with different context settings and have checked all
| available docs and faqs without any success.  With a default set up (simply
| installing Tomcat, putting my jars in /lib and including tomcat.conf in
| httpd.conf) when I try to access a jsp file that's in my
| /usr/local/apache/htdocs dir, I get an error saying it can't be found in
| webapps/ROOT.  Copying the file there seems to make it work, but then I have
| to maintain the same file in two places because as soon as I remove it from
| my apache document root, apache can no longer find the file and I don't even
| get the Tomcat error.
| Anyone out there with a similar scenario?  It seems like this should be
| fairly basic, but the included documentation on Apache/Tomcat configs is
| sketchy at best.
| ___
| jb


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