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From <>
Subject Re: Solaris binary for
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 03:50:28 GMT

The docs ASSUME you are compiling using gcc not Sun's cc.  If you use Sun's
compiler you have to add -DSOLARIS and -lposix4 to the command line.  You
also have to manually edit some files in ../jk/ because Sun's cc doesn't
like comments after a #endif (i.e. #endif /* netware */ ).  

$(APXS) -I ../jk ${JAVA_INCL} -DSOLARIS -lposix4 -c -o $@ mod_jk.c $(SRCS)

What they should do is include src/native in the bin distribution so one
doesn't need to download both, just to be able to get at src/native/jk
and src/native/apacheX.X. 

[This is fresh in my head as I just installed Apache 1.3.14 & Tomcat 3.2, and
then integrated them on a Solaris 2.6 machine.]


According to
| Why should they worry about compiling that for you?  I just installed 3.2 a
| little while ago and I had no problems.  If you'd just take a look at the
| mod_jk documentation it gives you the EXACT command you need to run under
| Solaris to get to compile.  If you still can't get it to work
| though, email me directly and I'll attach and send you a copy of my
| file.
| - Brent
|                     "Jonathan                                                          
|                     Eric Miller"         To:     "Tomcat User" <>
| First off, I would like to congratulate the Tomcat developers for the
| release of 3.2. You guys are doing a greate job and I look forward to using
| it.
| One thing that I think would be very helpful to users is if you could
| provide binaries for mod_jk. I'm guessing it's just a matter of resources
| and not having developers around that can make these binaries. From what I
| remember, there used to be Solaris binaries awhile back. Then, Solaris
| seemed to be dropped in favor of Linux. I just wanted to make a point that
| there are probably still a lot of Solaris users out there that might
| appreciate have a binary as well.
| I'm going to try to build it right now. It's been a few months since I last
| did this. At that time I found that the instructions had improved a bit
| which I really appreciated. I had major problems building mod_jserv
| previously, due to pretty much non-existent or incorrect documentation.
| BTW, I'm hoping at some point to no longer have to use Apache Web Server at
| all and instead just use Tomcat in stand-alone mode. However, there are a
| few issues that I need to resolve first. One issue is that I want to limit
| SSL connections to using 128-bit encryption and not 40-bit or 56-bit. I'm
| not sure if this is possible with Tomcat.
| Jon

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