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From "NESTORS Andris (AC-Creation)" <>
Subject SeedGenerator thread generated an exception
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 18:02:05 GMT

I've just upgraded from Tomcat 3.1 to Tomcat 3.2.

Now, my previously working apps are giving me the following error whenever
they encounter a JSP:

java.lang.InternalError: internal error: SeedGenerator thread generated an

As a test, I tried some of the examples that come with Tomcat 3.2.

NumberGuess gives SeedGenerator exception
Date works ok
Snoop gives SeedGenerator exception
ErrorPage gives SeedGenerator exception
JSP-Servlet-JSP gives SeedGenerator exception
... and so on.

All of the servlet examples work OK except the Sessions servlet example.

My environment is: Solaris 2.6, Sun JDK 1.2, Tomcat 3.2.

I have already RTFM as much as possible - searched the tomcat list archive,
jguru site, etc...

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> Andris Nestors
> Denning House, London
> Tel. +44 20 7878 8159

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