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From Forslöf Mats <>
Subject Strange session timeout
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 10:46:36 GMT
Hello Tomcat'ers,

I've run in to a strange problem with the session refresh handling in Tomcat
3.2 (final). Here is the problem;

If I set the max inactive interval to 6 minutes (360 sec) for the session
and then make a client call after 4 minutes (240 sec) the session times out
after 2 minutes after the last call, i.e. 6 minutes from the initial call.
However, if I call every 3 minutes it works fine. I have tested with
different timeout values with the same result. It seems that you must make a
refresh call <= timeout/2.

Is this how it supposed to be or am I missing something here? I'm using URL
rewriting to send the session ID to the server and I have checked that it
receives it properly so it uses the same sessione every time.

Any help/ideas is appreciated!

Mats Forslöf

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