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From "Michael Cohen (ETL)" <>
Subject SSL: Servlet as client to connect to server
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 13:45:25 GMT

Hi all,
This a bit off the beaten track ....
I'm running tomcat 3.2b5 over apache with modssl. I'm NOT using tomcat as an ssl servlet engine.
I.e. the ssl stuff in server.xml is commented.

I have a servlet with which I wish to connect to a secure server using ssl before sending
requests. Everything goes fine until the first READ from sslsocket during the the ssl handshake.
The output from the debugger stops and the socket is closed. 

This happens whether I start the handshake manually, before opening any streams, using socket.handshake()

or automatically by opening an output stream and send the GET request down it.

The same code works fine in a standalone application which leads me to suspect that its something
do with tomcat, mod_jk, possibly apache?? 

Any clues will be very appreciated,

Mike C.

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