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From Keith Fieldhouse <>
Subject Context <-> Port mapping
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 17:54:17 GMT

Using Tomcat 3.2, is there a way to associate a particular application
context with a port and a second
application context with a different port such that neither context is
available on the port that it is
not associated with?   Secondarily, is there a way to configure a given
context such that *all* requests go
through a single servlet?  I'd like to be able to do this within a single
instance of Tomcat.

I'm building a server that operates in two parts.  The first is a service
that responds to a URL, preferably
on Port 80, like  where the
servlet in this portion sees
some/path/to/a/resource.txt in req.getPathInfo().  The second part is a more
traditional web application, on
some other port, that simply provides an interface to configuration what the
first part does with the paths
that it will see.   If I succeed in the mapping that I want in the first
service, it must not interfere with the 
"normal" web application on the configuration port.  

Any pointers/suggestions will be welcome...


Keith Fieldhouse	  tel: 206-628-5222 x203
PictureIQ Corporation

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