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From "Peter Brandt-Erichsen" <>
Subject Re: creation of application wide objects
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 01:09:42 GMT
Thank you very much!

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From: craig mcclanahan <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 5:00 PM
Subject: Re: creation of application wide objects

>Peter Brandt-Erichsen wrote:
>> My apologies for the confusion and also for
>> misquoting David and you.
>> So, it is possible to specify a set of servlets
>> to load on startup. That's awesome.
>> How do I point Tomcat to auto load servlets on
>> start up, that are defined in my custom contexts?
>> Does Tomcat scan through each defined context's
>> web.xml and just start loading all the servlets that are
>> defined?
>Yes.  When Tomcat first starts up, it reads the WEB-INF/web.xml file for
>each app, and uses those settings to configure the app.  That's what is
>going on as it is logging messages about starting each context up.
>> Also, if I had three sevlets to auto load would I specify
>> <load-on-startup>
>> 3
>> </load-on-startup>
>The number in the <load-on-startup> entry is not the number of servlets
>to start -- it is supposed to define the *order* in which all
>load-on-startup servlets you declare are started.  (I don't think Tomcat
>3.2.1 obeys the ordering request -- Tomcat 4.0 does -- but it does start
>The way you declare that you want a servlet loaded at startup time is to
>say so in the servlet definition for that servlet:
> <servlet>
> <servlet-name>MyServlet</servlet-name>
> <servlet-class>com.mycompany.mypackage.MyServlet</servlet-class>
> <load-on-startup>1</load-on-startup>
> </servlet>
>You can declare as many servlets as you like in a web.xml file, and any
>or all of them can be declared to load at startup time.
>The details for everything that can go in a web.xml file are in the
>servlet spec, which you can download at
><>.  There are also
>starting to be articles and books about servlet 2.2 -- try doing a web
>search for "servlet 2.2" and see what you get.
>> Peter
>Craig McClanahan

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